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Republican and Democrat Stands on the Issues
A Voter Guide to the 2016 National Election

The International Elitist want to do away with national borders, which will destroy nations, and replace them with a New World Order. This is what this election is all about. Choose America or the New World Order. Many of the issues in this election pivot on this point.

Hillary R. Clinton  
Hillary Clinton is more interested in a Global World vision.
   Dunald J Trump
  Donald Trump's theme has been, "Make America Great Again."

Immigration Policy for Middle Eastern Muslims to the USA. With the rise of ISIS in the Middle East hundreds of thousands of Christian, men women and children have be slaughtered in what is being called the new holocaust.  ISIS is vowing to strike America. Some are saying that a large influx of Muslims is like a Trojan Horse with Terrorist who are bent on killing Americans. 

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President Obama wants to allow 100,000 Muslim refugees into America. However, the FBI has reported they can not properly vet these refugees, and the danger remains that ISIS terrorist could be part of the refugee population. Hillary Clinton has said she wants to increase the number of refugees by 500%.

Donald Trump wants to put a limit of Muslim refugees coming into this country until they can be properly vetted. Middle East countries with active terrorist groups should be temporarily stopped until we can get a handle on the threat. 

Southern Border Security. The southern border with Mexico has been wide open for decades which has allowed drug gangs and now Middle Eastern terrorist to freely enter into the USA. This is a national security issue.  

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"Democrats reject Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall on our southern border and alienate Mexico, a valuable partner."  President Obama has ordered Border Patrol Agents a policy of "Catch and Release" sending a message that you can enter illegally and nothing will happen to you. This is basically an open borders policy. 

Donald Trump says we need to build a wall on our southern border to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, drug gangs and Muslim Terrorist from entering the country. He has said that Mexico will pay for this wall. People entering the country should enter at border entry points so we know who they are. 

Walls were often used to protect the people from their enemies. Read Nehemiah 2.

War On Terrorism. Since the attack of 9-11 America has been engaged in an undeclared war against Muslim Terrorism. Our men and women in uniform have seen action in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen with no end insight. ISIS has emerged as the newest and strongest Terrorist organization killing hundreds of thousands of Christians in the Middle East, while spreading terrorist attacks in Europe, America and many other countries. The stated goal of ISIS is to form a caliphate of Islam rule under Sharia Law for the whole world. Their goal is to conquer the Earth.   

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"We reject Donald Trump’s vilification of Muslims. It violates the religious freedom that is the bedrock of our country and feeds into ISIS’ nefarious narrative." President Obama pulled the majority of US forces out of Iraq. ISIS soon formed filling the void capturing areas in Iraq and Syria. The Obama administration has aided insurgent fighters in Syria fighting against the President of Syria. It is now being reported that these insurgents are ISIS fighters, so we have been supplying arms to ISIS in order to remove Assad. 

President Obama has reduced equipment and military troop levels to the lowest point since the beginning of World War II, while we are engaged in ongoing wars! While ISIS has captured much of our military equipment left in Iraq.  

Donald Trump has declared that he will rebuild our military and modernize it. Trump will show leadership in leading the world against radical Islam Terrorism. He said we will defeat ISIS quickly, instead of suppling them with arms as this administration has done in Syria. He will track down and eliminate terrorist cell groups here in America. He will make America safe again.  Under Trump's leadership America will work closely with Israel to defeat Islamic Terrorism. 

Trump has also said we need to look at NATO and make sure all countries in NATO are contributing their fair share.

Iran Nuclear Treaty. Iran has been in the process of developing nuclear bombs and missile delivery systems, which could strike Israel, Europe and even America. They vow to destroy Israel and America. The Obama administration signed a treaty agreement with Iran but this treaty has never been approved by Congress. The Law says all treaties with foreign governments must be approved by Congress. Since this treaty has not be approved by Congress it is illegal.  

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The Obama Administration signed a treaty with Iran the number-one state sponsor of terrorism in the world giving them $150,000,000,000 which they can use for more terrorism in the world. In addition this treaty lifted international sanctions on Iran with no real guarantee of them not developing WMDs. This treaty was the handy work of President Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. (Giving aid and confort to the enemy is treason. Obama is giving $150 billion of aid to our enemy who vows to destroy us.) 

Donald Trump has said this is the worst deal ever made, and we must tear up this treaty and renegotiate a new treaty, as we gave away a lot and got nothing in return. A very bad deal. 

U.S. - Israel Relations. During the Obama administration relations with Israel have turned frosty. Obama activity worked in Israel to defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the 2015 election. The U.S. has worked to bring about peace treaties between the Palestinians and Israel, but always asking for Israel to give up more land. 

Israel has given up over 70% of its land since 1967 but no peace has resulted.

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While the Democrat Platform pledges support for a free democratic state of Israel the past actions of the Obama administration has cast a frosty relationship between the two countries. CNN noted in 2016 that Clinton "has a long and detailed track record on supporting Israel in efforts to find a two-state solution throughout her time in the Senate and as Secretary of State. Donald Trump said "I'm very pro Israel", and "The day's of treating Israel as a second class state will end on day one of my presidency."
I will bless those who bless you, (Israel) and whoever curses you I will curse;
. . . . . Genesis 12:3
Each time the USA has worked to force Israel to give up its lands, destruction has struck America the same day. 

American Jobs. In the last several decades American industry has moved factories overseas for the cheaper labor, causing many Americans to loose their jobs, forcing many to take lower paying jobs. International Corporations have lobbied for favorable trade agreements such as NAFTA and the new TPP. In addition foreign workers have flooded the work place here in America driving wages down. All this has caused many middle class families to slip into the lower income groups. Some are also saying these trade deals will undermine America's sovereignty as these trade agreements can supersede our Constitution, thus giving the power of rule and law to foreign interest.   

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The North American Free Trade Agreement known as NAFTA was signed during the Clinton Administration which resulted in a number of corporations moving plants to Mexico and Canada. Hillary Clinton is in favor of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) as she see trade as good, but which will further strenghen Corporation's interest over American workers.   Donald Trump says we need to renegotiate trade deals with other countries such as the NAFTA agreement. The up coming TPP agreement will give too much power to the international corporations at the expense of America's sovereignty, and American workers. Also Trump accuses China of unfairly manipulating the value of the Chinese yuan giving them trade advantage, which limits American made products from the Chinese marketplace.

Energy Independence. America has rich oil and coal fields which if developed can make us energy independent from the Middle Eastern oil cartel.  Developing American energy supplies will create jobs, lower energy cost, and reduce to flow of money to countries that sponsor terrorism.  

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Keystone Pipe Line: Democrats oppose the building of the Keystone Pipe Line that would pump the crude oil from the Bakken Oil fields down to the Gulf refineries. The Democrats oppose the pipe line for environmental reasons. 

Coal Industry: Democrats vow to put the coal industry out of business as they view it as a major polluter of CO2 gases which they claim is causing global warming. Obama stated that, "if my energy policies were put in place, energy cost will necessary have to skyrocket."

Keystone Pipe Line: Republicans beleive America should be energy independent from the Middle East Oil Cartel. Cheap energy will spur the growth of industry and jobs thus helping rebuild the economy. 

Coal Industry: Donald Trump said he will put coal miners back to work. Cheap coal and natural gas electric generating plants will keep energy prices low and help grow the economy.


Gun Rights. The 2nd Amendment of the U. S. Constitution gives U.S. citizens the right to own and use guns for self defense and hunting.   

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Hillary Clinton has said we should look to the example of Australia where the government buy-back policy has taken many guns from the citizens. This should be our goal to limit gun ownership. Too many guns cause too many deaths. In Democratically controlled city of Chicago they have the highest gun control laws in the country, yet the city of Chicago has the highest gun death rate in the country. Law aboding citizens follow the laws and give up their guns but criminals and gang members keep their guns, so shootings continue. 

Republicans believe that the 2nd Amendment is the law of the land and believe in citizens rights to own and bear guns. It has been shown that communities that have high gun ownership, the crime rate is lower. The only way to stop a bad man with a gun, is a good man with a gun. 

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. The 1st Amendment of the U. S. Constitution gives U.S. citizens the right to worship God in their own way, and the freedom of speech.  In recent years new laws intended to limit Hate Speech have been introduced but are being selectively enforced. 

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Hillary Clinton said, "People will have to change their long standing moral convictions." People who believe in the Bible's teaching on abortion and marriage will have to stop those beliefs for what is deemed politically correct by the government.

The Democrat Platform condemns hate speech as it tends to raise tensions and violence. While this appears to be a good idea, there appears to be a social acceptance to slander and insult Christians in America while at the same time insults to other groups is not tolerated at all. The special treatment of some groups runs counter to "equal justice under the law."  

Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson introduced a law in 1954 which would cause churches to loose their tax exempt status if the pastor were to talk about any political issues. This has been an unconstitutional gag order on pastors in America. 

Republicans believe in the First Amendment that people have the right to worship and believe in God as they see fit. Forcing people to act against their sacred held beliefs is abhorrent to America's Freedom of Religion. Republicans will work to stop law suits against companies and individuals who express their religious faith in the work place. 

While Republicans do not condone hate speech; the right to speak the truth as one sees it shall not be infringed upon.

Donald Trump said he will work to eliminate the unconstitutional 1954 Lyndon B. Johnson gag law on pastors in America. This gag law is a violation of the Constitution of the United States First Amendment. 

Abortion vs. The Right to Life. Since the 1973 Supreme Court Ruling which made it legal to kill the unborn babies in a mothers womb, over 50 million babies have been killed in America.  

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The Democrat party stands squarely behind the women's right to do as she pleases with her unborn baby. The party continues to support Planned Parenthood which provides abortions of babies. In the summer of 2015 millions of Americans were shocked to see dismembered baby parts put up for sale. 

The vast majority of conservative Republican's believe that killing unborn babies is morally wrong. They view life is a sacred gift from God and the taking of life is the immoral act of murder. 

Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed to Molech, for you must not profane the name of your God, I am the LORD. Leviticus 18:21. Thou shalt not murder. Exodus 20:13  

Government Spending. Since Obama took office the National Debt has doubled. He has spent more money than all previous Presidents before him combined. We have gone from being the worlds largest lender nation to the worlds largest debtor nation.     

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"Democrats understand responsible fiscal stewardship is key to American democracy and to the country’s long-term economic prosperity." However the past eight years have seen the Democrat Party's commitment to big government spending with a propensity for tax increases, with the mantra pay your fair share. Just more "big government" tax and spend policy!  

Conservative Republicans believe in smaller government, cut wasteful spending, reduce taxes, and balancing the budget. Trump has proposed a simplified tax code reducing 7 tax brackets down to 3. He claims this will lower taxes for many middle and lower income families. Reducing taxes on corporations and cutting Red Tap rules and regulations will help bring jobs back to America. 

The rich rule over the poor, and the barrower is a servant to the lender. Proverbs 22:7  

Supreme Court Justices. Many critical decisions which often affect the way we live are decided in the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is to follow the Constitution which is the law of the land. However, activist liberal justices feel the Constitution is a living document that can be changed as our society changes.   

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Hillary Clinton will nominate activist liberal justices to the Supreme Court who will promote and legalize more of the socialist, LGBT's agenda, illegal aliens rights at the expense of American citizens. 

Donald Trump as already given a list of justices he would nominate to the Supreme Court. These men and women would follow the Constitution as it is written without giving special favor to certain groups. 

Sept. 2016