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Gay Rights vs. Traditional Marriage

The Gay Rights movement has been gaining ground in America over the past 40 years.  The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has become a well organized and powerful group which promotes rights and privileges for Gay Homosexual Men and Lesbians.  This powerful group uses the courts to gain new rights, and is advocating that Marriage be legal between 2 men or between 2 women. 

The Bible states that Marriage is intended as a union between a Man and a Women in which children are produced, forming the family unit.  This is also the natural process in nature where a male and female unite to continue the species.  Every society in the world recognizes marriage and the family as the foundation for a civil society, which has been the norm for over 5000 years of recorded history.  

Gays say that Christians should be tolerant of their lifestyle.  American  society has been tolerant of the Gay community for the most part, and has allowed them to live their lifestyle unopposed.  This tolerance ends with many Americans when Gays start to demand that they have the right to enter a marrage with their gay partners, or they want to become boyscout leaders, or teach the homosexual life style to classrooms which include children who parents feel this is immoral.  The Gay community feels threatened if a person says that homosexual behaviour is immoral and a sin that God forbids, as stated in the Bible.  Therefore the Gay community seeks to abolish free speech by labling such expressions as Hate Speech.  A bill in congress would make quoting the Bible a federal crime, the Hate Speech Crime Bill.  There is no toleration in the Gay community for free speech if it offends them.  

Children need the love and nurturing of both a mother and a father.  We have seen that house holds where either a father or a mother is missing the children suffer in various ways.  The decline of marriage is a disaster for kids and for society.  When a child is born the mother can expect about 20 years of care and nurturing before the child is on its own.  In contrast Homosexual relations last an average of just a few years.  Homosexuals often contract AIDs and many die before the period of time for raising a child, leaving the child without a parent.  Of fundamental importance is that children can not naturally occur in a Gay relationship; they must come from outside this unnatural realm.  In addition about 75 percent of Gays were molested as children, which leads to all manner of emotional and physical trauma.  This behavior pattern of abuse of children is often repeated later in life, which makes Gay households an unlikely safe environment for kids. 

"There has never been a society--ever in the history of the world--that has ever survived this kind of perversion." says Craig Parshall.  The approval of immorality is a major step for any declining society on its way from civilization to barbarianism.  When the family unravels, the society unravels.  The traditional family cannot coexist with same-sex marriage for any length of time.  In the Scandinavian countries where same-sex unions were legalized about a decade ago, young couples no longer bother to get married, as there seems to be little reason for marriage.  The result of same-sex marriage will be to cheapen Marriage to the point that it becomes meaningless.   Without a valid Marriage contract there is no Family, and without the Family Unit we have no building blocks for our society. 

Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage will criminalize Christianity!  One goal of the Gay Lesbian Movement is to silence the churches.   Hate crime laws and anti-discrimination laws will mean the criminalization of anyone who dares to disagree with their lifestyle.  All who will not call Gays normal will be labeled Homophobic, or worse.  Churches that preach that Homosexual activity is wrong or refuse to perform Homosexual Marriages will be hauled into court.  Examples from across the border in Canada where a Christian businessman was fined $5,000 for refusing to print materials for a gay-rights group. 

The Secular Worldview - Homosexuality should be accepted and taught as normal.  What goes on in privicy between two consulting adults is nobody elses business, including the government.  Gays should have equal rights as other members in society, including Same-Sex Marriage.  Discrimination for sexual preference should be un-Constitutional.  Sex is OK outside of marriage, with homosexual partners.  Many in the Gay movement say that sex with children is OK and should be legalized.

The Christian Worldview - Homosexuality is a sin as declared by God of the Bible.  Marriage is only defined as a union between one Man and one Woman.  Our society will be in grave danger of collapse if Homosexuality becomes an accepted norm by legalizing Same-Sex Marriage.  Legalizing SIN well bring the strong judgment of God in our country.

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