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Alfred Kinsey

the father of the sexual revolution in America

 Alfred Kinsey

In the fall of 2004 Hollywood released a film simply called "Kinsey".  This film is directed by a professed homosexual and Kinsey is played by Liam Neeson.  The film portrays Kinsey as a controversial crusader, who works to free America from sexual oppression.  In 1948 Kinsey published a book titled, "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male"This booked rocked American Society and has had a lasting impact.  More about the impact at the second half of this page.

Dr. Judith Reisman has spent 20 years researching Kinsey, and in her book "Kinsey-Crimes and Consequences" comes to a very different conclusion about Kinsey and his research.  Here are some of the points about Kinsey that are not covered in the movie.

    • Kinsey discarded 75% of his data that didn't support his contentions about sexual behavior. (As reported by the man who succeeded him at the Kinsey Institute.)
    • He used a high percentage of data from prisoners or ex-convicts many who were homosexuals or child molesters, not typical of the general population. 
    • He used data from volunteers, not a random sample of the population.  The volunteers tended to be sexually unconventional.
    • He paid adults and parents to have sex with children to get data.  Between 317 to 2035 children were molested in his study. 

These first 4 points would make his research data and conclusions very suspect and questionable.
    • He was a hands on scientist and had to try things for himself, thus experiencing many forms of sexual deviant activity. 
    • Kinsey reported that 10 percent of the population was homosexual, while records show that it was closer to 2 percent.
    • Kinsey reported that most men cheat on their wives and this does not harm the marriage.  A recent study showed that 75% of married men are faithful to their wives, and 90% of women are faithful to their husbands.  85% of marriages are harmed by infidelity, with 34% ending in divorce. 

As a result of this very flawed study of sexual behavior, many things happened in the American culture which were a direct result of the Kinsey report.  Here is the resulting legacy of the Kinsey's research. 

    • More young adults and adolescents  started to experiment with sex outside of marriage.
    • Teenage pregnancy rate started to climb.
    • With more young girls pregnant, society started to demand the right to abortions, and the Supreme Court made abortion legal in 1967.
    • Woman who did not have abortions, often found themselves the sole parent and supporter for their children.  Current studies show that single parent families have lower household incomes, many are at or below the poverty level in America. 
    • Pointing to the Kinsey report, gay rights activist said 10% rate of homosexuals in society is a new movement in America, and Homosexuals started to demand that laws against immoral behavior be struck down.
    • Sexually transmitted disease started to rise.  A new disease surfaced in the Homosexual Community, AIDS. 
    • Laws against Child Molesters were reduced and Pedophiles were released to repeat their crimes again and again against innocent children.
    • More people have started to cheat on their spouses and the divorce rate has climbed, now about 50% of marriages end in divorce, while it was much lower before the Kinsey report.
    • Prior to 1950 sexual acts outside of marriage were illegal in America.  With the help of "a fraudulent set of data" in the Kinsey reports, at least 52 laws designed to protect women and children from sex crimes were overturned or watered down.

The Christian View Point:

"Kinsey was a human wrecking ball when it came to the moral order, he probably did more damage to our social fabric than any single human being in the last hundred years. I don't think I'm exaggerating, because he spawned the Playboy philosophy, inspired Hugh Hefner to mainstream pornography throughout the culture. He's a continuing beacon of light for the homosexual movement."  Robert H. Knight, director of the Culture & Family Institute.

The Playboy Philosophy:

Hefner credited Kinsey with almost single-handedly producing "a tremendous sexual awakening" in America. As a student, Hefner wrote a college thesis on Kinsey's Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, according to Reisman, and then went on to found Playboy magazine, dedicated to furthering that sexual awakening through a "soft-core" approach that made pornography more socially acceptable.  Hefner directly argued his case in a series of columns called the "Playboy Philosophy," in which he alternately praised sexual freedom and condemned "Puritanical" repression in America. 

The Secular Worldview - Sex is OK outside of marriage, with heterosexual or homosexual partners.  Many in the Gay movement say that sex with children is OK and should be legalized.

The Christian Worldview
- Sex is only morally correct between a married Man and Woman, as God intended it for procreation.  Our society should not legalize SIN, or we will feel the strong judgment of God in our country.

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If you find this topic interesting, I recommend reading the following books.

Kinsey - Sex and Fraud, the Indoctrination of a People: by Dr. Judith Reisman (Alpha Publications 1990)
Kinsey - Crimes and Consequences: by Dr. Judith Reisman. (Institute for Media Education 1998)
Sexual Behavior in the Human Male: by Dr. Alfred Kinsey (1948)
Playboy Philosophy: by Hugh Hefner (Playboy Magazine 1964-1966)

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