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Sex in the media

Sex, Violence and a slanted News Media

The Media plays an important role in shaping American Moral Values and shaping public opinion.

Some like Jack Valenti, former president of the Motion Picture Association, will say that, "movies are just a reflection of society", while others will counter and say that movies and the media have a powerful roll in influencing and shaping the moral values of our society.  Probably both viewpoints have some merit, but the question is which is stronger; or is there a danger in either one? 

Radio, television, movies and magazines can be used to shape societies viewpoints or to focus the attention of the masses on issues.  If the controllers of the media show only one side of an issue, then they slant the news and move public opinion in one direction.  The German Nazi's knew the power of the media and used it to convince the German public that they were the superior Aryan Race and that Jews are not human and must be exterminated.  The Nazi War machine was very effective in controlling public opinion with propaganda.  

Scientific studies have shown that constant repetition is a very powerful force on our minds.  Repeating an image or an idea over and over again will plant the image or idea firmly in place.  Even if the idea is false or repulsive, repeated often enough it will become acceptable and thought of as a fact.  This is a technique of brainwashing.  As an illustration, the words "Separation of Church and State" have been repeated so many times for decades that a majority of Americans, almost 2 to 1, think that it is the First Amendment.  No it is not!  America has been brainwashed by the media, duped into thinking something is true, which in fact is not true.

The influence of the Media on Crime

Movies and TV have repeatedly shown murders and violence at an ever increasing rate.   It is estimated the average adult in this country has seen over 20,000 murders on TV or in movies during their lifetimes.  This repeated exposure has the effect of making murder seem common place and acceptable; or the way society is.  When movies started showing crime, detective and murder mysteries, the murder rate in this country was rather low.  As decades of exposure to violence on the screen has continued the homicide rate has increased dramatically.  I think Jack Valenti is wrong in asserting that movies are just a reflection of society, as the statics speak otherwise.  

The Influence of the Media on Moral Values

As films have increased audience exposure to nudity and sex outside of marriage this has helped to reinforce the ideas from the Kinsey studies, that the moral code of the country is much looser then it actually was.  At the time of the Kinsey studies, a women having a baby out of wedlock was a shocking scandal.  Fifty years later, after the media has published the Playboy philosophy, thousands of centerfolds, countless movies with nudity and sex, we have an epidemic of teenage pregnant girls, with role models like Brittney Spears, and Paris Hilton.  Therefore films portray not the present reality of society but the future society as framed on the screen, and printed in magazines.  Today many accept causal sex or hooking up, children out of wedlock, public nudity, normal to our society.  

The Negative Slant of the Press

Way back in the 50's my mother wrote the editor of a leading Indianapolis Newspaper and asked, "why do you print so many negative stories?"  He wrote back to her and said, we want to sell newspapers.  Nice stories about people doing good things don't sell, but stories about people doing bad, such as bank robbery, crooked politicians, sleazy businessmen do sell newspapers.  It is the presses' responsibility to be the guardians to expose the bad in our society, and people do want to know the truth of what is happening.   As a result, newspapers, radio, and television tend to report a constant stream of negative information.  As I stated before a constant repetition has the effect of making you believe the repeated story.  After a while the public comes to believe that all politicians are on the take, and all businesses are scamming the public.  After a generation or two of this, it becomes a self full filling prophesy. Politicians begin to think that it what they are suppose to do and businessmen begin to think that it is OK to cut corners and cheat their customers and employees, because everyone is doing it

Today the news media is controlled by about 85% of progressive liberals who often side with the Democrats.  As a result the news is often slanted to the left view point.  The danger becomes that one view point becomes dominate: there seems to be no alternative.  The public becomes herded in one direction and then we start to loose our freedom of choice.  Many in the press despise President Bush because he stands for values that they don't like.  As a result the President is under a constant attack of negative press stories.  They see the war in Iraq as his war and therefore they wish he would loose the war.  But not his war, it is our war.  A war started by radical Islam where more Americans died then at Pearl Harbor.  You can not be any more negative then wishing America to loose this war.  A war against Islamic fascist that want to behead every American they can get their hands on. 

 A house divided can not stand.  The enemy knows this truth, but the American Press is blinded by their own hate, putting their own ideology above the good of the country.  

A press so slanted to the left, starts to resemble the old Nazi propaganda machine.


The Secular World View:  The media denies its affect public opinion.  It believes it lives in a free country and therefore has the  freedom to print and show anything it pleases.  They have our own set of values that they are free to promote.

The Christian World View:  The media has a strong influence on public opinion.  The influence of the mainstream media pushes sex out of marriage, dulls our feelings to violence, and slants political viewpoints to the liberal left.  The media often trys to denounce the Moral Majority who promote family values, thus the media push the public away from God and the Bible.  

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