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Betty Friedan - NOW - Abortion

The Pill, Women's Rights and Abortion

Betty Friedan


Prier to the 1950's dating did not include premarital sex as a norm.  Most of Society followed the Biblical guide lines that sex before marriage was a bad idea as it might lead to children out of marriage.  Girls that got pregnant were often ostracized and considered to be immoral.  The introduction of a new PILL that would prevent women from becoming pregnant, started to the change the dating scene.  With the fear of becoming pregnant removed, the effects of the Kinsey report and the Playboy philosophy on young people's thinking, young women began to have sex while dating in ever increasing numbers.  In the 1960's America entered into a new age of the Sexual Revolution.  The previous taboos had been removed with the "Pill", and the teaching of the church seemed to many to be outdated.  Science had created the pill, and many considered that science could solve all of mankind problems.  In effect "Technology" became a new sort of religion.  Sex was no longer the forbidden fruit.   

The Womens Right Movement

Woman's rights had been an ongoing movement in America from the 19th century.  As the 20th century began, women marched and demanded equal rights with men, including the right to "Vote".  This lead to passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution giving women the right to vote in elections.  During World War II, a large portion of men were off to the war fronts, and women started entering the work force in large numbers to fill the gap left by the missing men.  Women by having an income to provide for themselves began to feel more independent.  This independence lead to a new movement for more womens rights.

In 1963 Betty Friedan wrote "The Feminine Mystique" which captivated American society.  The book examined the unfulfilled lives of women which quickly led to the women's rights movement.  Ms. Friedan then went on to help form the "National Organization for Women" (N.O.W.) and she became the first president of the organization.  One of the first acts of the NOW group was to push for legalization of abortions in this country.  NOW allied with the ACLU brought a case before the Supreme Court which sought to legalize an abortion.  Many articles were written in the press which greatly distorted the numbers of women seeking abortions.  The NOW activist group and its allies feed the press information which it made up to justify its cause.  As a result of the gross distortions of the truth about abortion issues and facts, public opinion was swayed in favor of abortion and the Supreme Court sided with the women who wanted the abortion. 


Unborn BabyThe N.O.W. activist group continues to press for womens rights and the right of a women to have total control over her body.  The secular press, women's rights groups, and the entertainment industry promote the ProChoice movement: the right to choose to have abortion on demand.  Some will call this the Pro-Death" movement.  

Unborn Baby 

The idea of ProChoice means the right to choose your own life style.  Abortion promotes a life style in which people are free to engage in sex outside of marriage, and the abortionist can take care of any unwanted babies that might happen.  The Bible forbids Adultery, or sex outside of marriage, as marriage is the proper place for sex and resulting children.  Marriage provides both parents to raise children.  Secondly the Bible forbids the taking of a human life. 

The courts will agree that murder is against the law, so the question on Abortion has shifted to the question "When does Life Begin."  Presently the courts have defined Life beginning at Birth.  Many Christian's believe that Life begins at conception.  Many people have challenged the courts definition of life starting at Birth, as we have seen premature babies being born and living to adulthood.  We see babies in the womb that respond to their surroundings, and babies have been operated on before birth.

Stages in womb of prebirth Baby
  • Pre-Embryo Stage - the egg is fertilized, cell division starts, which forms a hollow ball. (1-14 days)
  • Embryo Stage - egg starts to develop a large head, with a small back bone, arms, and legs. Umbilical Cord develops to womb.  (2 weeks to 9 weeks)
  • Fetus Stage - Organs develop, heart starts to beat, eyes, nose, mouth, hair, hands, fingers, feet, toes develop into a fully functioning Baby.   Babies can survive birth after 7 months with proper medical care.  (9 weeks to 9 months).

With the present definition, an Abortionist can legally kill an unborn baby just before it is due: a baby fully developed that would live if not for the abortionist.  The congress has passed three laws to forbid "Late Term Abortions", and President Clinton vetoed two of them and President Bush signed the last one only to have the ACLU challenge it and a judge declare the law unconstitutional with-in one hour of Bush's signing the bill.

Since Abortion was legalized in this country, over 40 million babies have been killed.  This is one of the largest genocide's in world history.  Many women who have had abortions, are haunted by their decision and regret having the abortion.  It is a Supreme Court Freedom your may regret. 

Secular World View - Pro-Choice: Abortion is a women's right to control her own life and own body.  The secularist will deny that it is taking a life, because life does not begin until birth.

Christian World View - Pro-Life: Abortion is killing a human being as life begins at conception.  Killing and is condemned by God. Abortions promote an immoral society were sex outside of marriage is the norm. 

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