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Activist Judges

Earl Warren: Chief Supreme
Justice 1953-1969

Activist Judges tend to act as Legislators who create new laws, rather then acting as judges who interpret the Constitution.

Our form of government is based on majority rule to elect government leaders who share the values of the people they represent in government.  Also our government is divided into 3 sections which have certain well defined responsibilities.  The Congress is the legislative branch which is responsible for drafting new laws.  The President is in the Executive branch and may approve or disapprove new proposed laws.  The Supreme Courts roll is to determine if these new laws are within the constitutional limits.  Over the past 50 years the courts have been more proactive in defining the policy of the government.  Many today criticize the Judicial Branch of the government by saying that they have gone too far in defining policy.  So much so, that they are considered to be Legislating from the Bench! 

Groups such as the ACLU often take cases to court knowing that they can not win in the ballot box or in Congress, but they will find a sympathetic ear in a liberal  judges court.   Often these cases have to do with moral issues that in all rights should be in control of the People reflecting the moral values that the majority have.  The ACLU has an agenda for social engineering to promote a new set of values which the majority of Bible believing people in America oppose. 

Secular World View - People can use the courts to get the rights they can not get by the ballot box.  The ACLU continuiously brings cases to court in order to win new rights for certain groups, and to suppress the rights of other groups.  They use the courts to make the new rules.

Christian World View - Judges should not legislate from the bench, that is the roll of the Congress.  Activist Judges step outside of their legal authority, thus upsetting the balance of power within the government.

Each of the following pages will explore different topics on the Cultural War divide.     

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The Age of the Universe: the Genesis Story versus Modern Astronomy.

The Theory of Relativity, Physics affect on Social Morals.

Women's Rights and Abortion on demand.

The Kinsey Report, the Pill & the Playboy Philosophy versus Biblical Teachings. 

The Gay Rights Movement:  Moral Values of Gays versus Christian Moral Values. 

Activist Judges and the ACLU:  How the courts are undermining our Democratic Republic form of government.  

Sex and Violence in the Media shape the American Moral Code. 

Socialism, Communism or Capitalism what is best for America. 

Judicial activism probably started during FDR presidency but was expanded with the Earl Warren court.  This Supreme Court ruled on a number of landmark cases that were considered very controversial at the time.  A court is always in a position to create new laws if it changes the meaning and original intent of the Constitution.

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