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Einstein's theory of Relativity

 Albert Einstein

Einstein is considered to be one of the geniuses of the 20th century.  His theory of relativity was a masterpiece in deductive logic thinking.  This theory has given us many bazaar things to consider, such as accurate clocks running at different speeds, light bending, that matter can shorten, mass increases, the realization that nothing can go faster then the speed of light, and the speed of light is constant no matter what speed you are traveling.  Now this was contrary to Isaac Newton's laws of motion.  In Newton's laws if train A is traveling at 60 miles and hour and train B is traveling at 40 miles an hour the two trains have a difference in speed of 20 miles per hour relative to each other.  This seems to be what we observe in every day life.

Einstein shows us this is just really a very close approximation but not exact.  If the speed of light is constant as it has been shown to be the case with observes traveling at different speeds, then you can not add and subtract speeds as in Newtonian Physics.  If two observers measure the speed of light from the same light source, and one is stationary and the other is traveling 1000 miles an hour toward the light source, then in Newtonian Physics the stationary observer would say the speed was "c", and the moving observer would say the speed of light was "c" plus 1000 mph.   But in actual observations both observers measure the speed exactly the same.  To account for this, Einstein showed that at very high velocities both time and space are warped. 

Two people passing each other at 90% the speed of light in space ships would observe the other space ship to be shortened in the direction of travel and their clocks to be running slow.  The observer would think that all is normal on his space ship, but the passing space ship was . . . well very abnormal.  The interesting part of this theory is that the person in the other space ship would look out the window and see the very same thing, a shortened space ship passing and the clocks on the other ship running slow.  But how could both ships appear shortened, and both clocks appear to run slow.  Einstein says it is all Relative, it depends on your view point.

Relativistic Morals

This idea of Einstein's that all things are Relative to your view point, began to spread to other fields of study in the 20th century.  People studying Moral Ethics started to think that there are no moral absolutes as stated in the Bible.  They reasoned that what is right or wrong is just a matter of convention or view point of the society.  This view point states that if you live in a society that practices cannibalism, then killing a person and eating them is OK in that society.  To a westerner this is a terrible sin, but that view point is only because of the society you live in.  The morality of cannibalism is only relative to the society you live in.1  In relativistic moral world man makes the rules and this is the secularist World View.  Einstein refuted Relativistic Morals by saying, "Relativity is for Physics not for morals." 

Secular World View - Man decides what is wrong or right.  What is wrong or right just depends on the society you live in.  Carried to extremes, your society may be so small that it includes just a few members, but you are free to decide what is right and wrong.  Conflicts can occur as different societies collide with different notions of right and wrong.

Christian World View - God has made the rules of what is right and wrong and all mankind is to follow these rules as God created everyone on Earth.  These rules are contained in the Bible, in the Ten Commandments, and the Golden Rule.  Not following these rules may cause a harsh judgment to fall on you on Judgment Day, which will condemn you to eternity in Hell.

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1.  Societies that practice Cannibalism and then are exposed to Christianity stop their Cannibalistic practices once they realize this is contrary to God's will and the people are much happier as the suicide rate drops.  The movie "The Other Side of the Mountain" (a true story) tells the story of such a people and how it changed them.  

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