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Back on the Road to Slavery

Slavery, Socialism and Communism all forbid the individual the right to earn and spend all of their money.


A Slave is a person who works for a Master that owns the Slave. The Master tells the slave what work to preform and the slave must preform the work or be punished. The slave has no rights to protest. The slave is not paid cash for his or her services. The slave owner does provide food, shelter and clothing in order to keep the slave alive so he can preform services to the Master. . . . In many ways Socialism and Communism are very much like Slavery.


Socialism is a concept that individuals should not have ownership of land, capital (money), or industry, but rather the whole community collectively owns and controls property, goods, and production.  Ideally, in this system all share equally in work and the fruits of their labor.  Ideally this is a Christian version of help the poor and needy, sharing equally, but in the real world owing to human nature this system breaks down rather quickly.    
Nationalized Socialism
is very much like Communism


Communism is a similar concept, in that ownership of land, capital and industry can not be owned or controlled by the individual.  However, under Communism the control of these things is not by a local community but by the State Government.  Under this system the government has total control of everything produced and control what is made, and who will receive the goods and services produced.  Under this system you are not allowed to own your own home, your own car, your own furniture, or even the food you eat.  The State decides what you can use and where you will work.  You have few if any rights.

The Common Thread between all three of the above systems is that Ownership controlled by Others, not yourself. The individual is not Free to decide how he can earn and spend his own money, because he has little or no money to spend.

Please Read My First Hand Experiences meeting people who lived under Socialism and Communism:

Swedish Socialism:  Back in the early 1990' I worked for a Fortune 500 Company which had sister companies around the world. One evening I was at a business dinner with a VP of a sister company who lived in Sweden. While the VP made more money then me he lived a somewhat modest life in a Stockholm apartment. He did not own a car and rented his apartment.

At one point in the conversation the subject of Taxes arose. The VP looked straight at me and said, "What percentage of your income do you pay in Taxes?" I stopped and thought for a moment trying to remember the 1040 forms and state tax forms, and said I guess between 25 to 30%. He stared straight at me and declared, "That is nothing! I pay between 70 to 75% of my income in Swedish Taxes!" I was stunned and after a few moments I quietly asked him, "And what do you get for this?" His reply, "Sweden gives us cradle to grave health care. I don't have to pay for my doctor visits. A month paid vacation each year. State subsidized Public Transportation. A Military to protect us. Subsidized corporations, and strong unions." . . . After a few moments of digesting this I replied, "I own my own home, own two cars, I'm able to take my family on nice vacations, I have a Healthcare insurance plan through our company, we have the strongest military in the world, and I have money left over to buy things we want or need. . . . . At the end of the evening he said, "You Americans have it made."

Soviet Block Communism: On another occasion at a seminar my wife and I were seated at a dinner table with a couple who had lived under Soviet Communism. I was curious to learn what that was like, so I asked a lot of questions. He opened up and told us many stories. The one that I remember most, was his housing situation. Him and his wife lived in government owned housing on the outskirts of a large city. His daily commute to work was an hour each day, each way, to the other side of the city. He decided he wanted live on the other side of the city to avoid the daily commute. Since he lived in government housing he had to apply to the government requesting a change. He filled out many forms and submitted them to the Communist Housing Committee. Nothing happen for some time. He made numerous inquiries as to the status of his request. He was told that it would help if he gave some money to certain officials to help move it along, which he did. Year after year went by. Finely after ten long years, his request to move was finely approved and they were allowed to move to the other side of the city. 

In a Free Capitalist society, if you lived in an apartment and wanted to move to the other side of town, you could easily do it. You would look in the newspaper or go on line to find available apartments. You would then go look at them. Once you found one you liked and could afford you would put down a deposit, give notice to leave your old apartment, and move. It might take you several weeks or months at most and you would not have to ask for permission to some faceless bureaucrat. That my Friends is Freedom!   

The Less Money you have the Less Freedom you have:
My friend who lived in Sweden could only keep 25 to 30 percent of his money. With this small amount of money he had to pay his appartment rent each month and buy food and clothing. Not much was left after that; so even though he was a VP he did not own a car and lived a rather modest life. 

My friends who lived in the Soviet Block Country got food stamps, clothing ration stamps, lived in government housing and he could not own a car. He had to rely on state run transportation to get to and from work.  He had no Freedom to change his work place or his housing. The food and clothing stamps were only good at State run stores where the State decided what goods were to be stocked and exchanged for stamps.
They were in effect, Slaves to the State. 

If you live in a Socialist or Communist Controled Society you will only be allowed to keep a small precentage of your income. As your income declines so does your choices of how and where to live your life.

When you have no money, you become a Slave to whoever gives you food, clothing and shelter, for not to obey them means they can take away that which you need to live.

So the more money we give to the Federal Government the less money we have for ourselves, and the less Freedoms to choose what we do with our money. And when you have no money because the government has spent all of Your Money on themselves or given it to other people is the moment you become a Slave of the State. They OWN you lock, stock and barrel.

Only a Fool will give total control of his life over to Collective to control,
thus giving up his Freedom.  

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